About My Opinion

My product management opinion is just that.  It’s not meant to rock the world, or to keep you up at night with Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy.  Its an attempt to humorously share thoughts that cross my mind throughout the week.  I’ve been lucky enough to be a Product Manager by title or function for over 16 years.  In the past, I’ve enjoyed working for a few software companies, consulting to a few dozen companies, speaking at a few conferences, and writing a few articles.

What do I want you to do with this blog?  Jump in and comment!  I want to hear “me too!”, “really?” and “are you from mars?”  Maybe we’ll have a little fun along the way and give each other knuckle-bumps when we meet.

And lastly, and most importantly… all of my opinions are mine.  They aren’t influenced by any current or past experiences.  They’re just thoughts that have traversed my odd mind, and came out the other side to tell about it.

Thanks for reading,

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