Posted by: Ivan lybbert | November 20, 2009

Rubbing shoulders with your peers

Having just come from the AIPMM’s PMEC Conference in San Jose, I am reminded of the educational power of being around other people who share the same passions.  It was Mighty Morphin Power Ranger time!

Yes, I had a blast meeting new friends, laughing out loud, participating in awkward exercises, meeting someone else named Ivan, and participating in the first (hopefully not the last) blogger competition.  But the real value came from associating with other product managers!

If you are a product manager, and if you have never attended a product management conference, or a local product management meeting, or a Product Camp, I can honestly say that you’re not as good a product manager as you could be.  Frankly, there’s a certain type of education that only comes from trading war stories.  Asking simple questions such as, “How do you handle politics?” can launch into deep discussions where gems of knowledge await.  Or when explaining your product launch tactics, and an audience member asks “Why not try it this way?” Someone in that room has had the same experience, and might have found a better way.  No matter whether it came from a company president, a consultant, a product manger, a product marketer, an author, a blogger or even an anthropologist, gaining knowledge like that is simply priceless.

Before I close, I must thank the other blogging contestants for 1) not flogging me for my antics with their photos, 2) being so much fun and 3) being great bloggers.  And a very special thanks goes out to Therese Padilla and AIPMM for creating such a memorable educational conference.



  1. Not so much a comment but a chance to say hi! Great blog.

    My one menial addition to this thread would be that if you are lucky enough to be in a company with many product mgrs spend time with them. Often they are siloed in their own product lines or business units and you may kindred spirits to bounce ideas & tales of woe off of or even better find that you can build the ‘coalition of the willing’ to change a few things.

    Keep up the good work Mr L, might want to find a stand in for the landing page photo:-)

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