Posted by: Ivan lybbert | September 4, 2009

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!!

On your mark, get set… Wait! Wait. Do I really want to do this?

A blogger I’m not.  But an opinion I have (not that it’s a terribly important one, necessarily compelling, or even relevant).  But if the internet has taught me one thing, it’s that even the irrelevant opinions of the world can grab their “15 minutes” without the world’s permission.  Not that I seek fame (really, quite the opposite), but I do wish to “add value” and share my opinions with others who are clearly smarter than me.

In this blog, my only wish is to be a conversation starter.  I believe the power of these communications lie in the community.  And even though I’ve had great experiences along the way, they’re only mine.  How could the Constitution of the United States have stood the test of time if only one person would have written it?  Ok, so the Constitution this isn’t.  And a founding father, I’m not.  But the point still stands that WE can get “there” collectively.

And where is “there” anyway?

Product Management Utopia!  A place where unicorns and rainbows rub shoulders with CEO’s who “get it”.  A place where Product Managers are allowed to justify a product before they’re told to create it.  A place where corporate politics don’t exist (Ha! I can dream, can’t I?).  Realistically, I want to facilitate a forum where we talk about what we’ve learned.  Let’s talk about things like, What’s my “take away”? What’s my action? What will I do the next time around to make this work better?

This career path I’ve chosen of being a Product Manager is crazy.  But I love it.  It’s a wild ride, and I keep signing up for more.  I have a true passion for it.  And if you, the reader (thanks Mom!), don’t mind, I’ll express myself every Friday morning in this off-beat, quasi-humorous, yet sincere blog.  I hope you’ll jump in and join me.




  1. Irrelevent maybe…but it looks like fun. I’m in!
    Looking forward to next weeks post.

  2. Loved the first post, looking forward to more.

  3. Are you consciously associating “mypmo” with “project management office”? I worked for a company who developed a PMO for new product introduction. This might even be a good topic for a blog, although it may have been covered before.

  4. My PMO only relates to “My Product Management Opinion”. I know there may be some confusion regarding a typical Product Management Office. I agree that there may be a topic in there somewhere. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused.

    Originally, I thought of calling it MyUFO (My Unofficial Fun Opinion), but didn’t want to be abducted.

  5. I’d sooner be part of MyUFO than MyPMO. I am not cut out for project management, but I love to travel!

    Enjoy blogging! It is a great creative writing exercise that more people should undertake.


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